Jan 5, 2011

Pongal festival, Happy Pongal Greetings, SMS & Scraps

"Pot Rice to Sun
God Sugarcane to cow and ox
Sweet rise to you and me
Good milk to friends and family
Happy & Prosperous Pongal"

PONGAL IS the most auspicious festival among Tamils worldwide, including those in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Mauritius, South Africa, USA, Canada and Singapore. Pongal festival comes on Tamil calendar’s first day of auspicious 'Thai' month. The Tamil meaning of Pongal is “boiling over or spill over.” Pongal festival’s date is fixed for every year because it is derived from solar calendar.
Friends and family greets each other on the harvest festival of Tamil Nadu. Here is some Pongal SMS, scraps and greetings below:
"Wishing that this festival brings good luck and prosperity and hoping that it is joyous, and fills your days ahead with happiness. Have a wonderful Pongal."
"As you joyfully celebrate the festival of Pongal and welcome the harvest season, this greeting is being sent your way, to wish you everything, that the occasion is meant to bring. Have a Happy Pongal."
"Hope you rejoice in the charm of your tradition! Wish you & your family a very HappyBogi Pongal, Surya Pongal, Mattu Pongal!."
"Pongal is here, an occasion that marks joy and cheer, and brings along everything that's best. May the festival of the harvest season, be one that brings along with it, all that's best and everything you're so deserving of. Have a memorable Pongal. "
"May your life be long and your stocks be short, May your cars be hybrid and your heart be pure, May the God create a bail-out package for your sins in the past, May you make more per-year than Joe-the-plumber, May you find a fountain of youth in your backyard. Wish you a very Happy pongal and a Tamil New Year full of joy!"

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